Legends Alaskan Malamutes Giant Alaskan Malamute Puppies

Why We Require an Adoption Application:

(If you prefer to go through this application with us via telephone please call us at 585-645-5530 and we’d more than happy to do so)

Because we care where our puppies are going. Our application allows us to gather information about prospective families that are interested in our puppies. It allows us to know about your family and the environment and lifestyle that our puppy will be going to. It also allows us to be able to better help place our puppies with the best suited families. We make every attempt to keep in contact with the families that adopt our puppies so we are able to follow our lines and to lend guidance on all puppy and dog questions and lend assistance at all times. We are always here for the families that adopt our puppies. Each and every puppy holds a special spot in our hearts. Every family that adopts our puppies becomes our friends. If you feel filling out our adoption application is too troublesome or invasive then a puppy from Legends Alaskan Malamutes is not for you. There are many breeders that will gladly sell you a puppy as long as you have the money and you won’t need to supply any information about yourself. However, ask yourself the following question; if you can buy a puppy from a breeder who doesn’t care to know anything about you and where their puppy is going, how much do they really care for that puppy and what type of environment is that puppy coming from? Reputable breeders care where they place their puppies period!! A breeder who will sell you a puppy without knowing anything about you is looking for only one thing… your money. A breeder who is only looking for a sale is not a reputable nor a quality breeder, but you have to be the judge of that.

Please complete the following adoption application if you are interested in providing a wonderful and loving forever home to one of our babies. We want to thank you for your interest in a Legends Alaskan Malamute puppy. Our Dogs are What Legends are Made of!

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