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I am an Alaskan Malamute

by Bob Riddle

I am an Alaskan Malamute. The secret of where I first came from is hidden deep in the blizzard snows of the polar ice, and there is where it will stay. Modern man has no idea where I came from, and the ancient Mahlemut Indians that worked to develop my breed will not reveal the secret. I will tell you that I am a breed that loves man beyond even my own understanding. I am one that has a sense of humor, I find joy in work that causes other breeds to cringe.

Some humans think that I am stubborn, and therefore not very smart, but I am one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. I have often used my brain and humor to frustrate my human friends, but if you take the time to understand me and my independence, you will find out how smart I really am. If I sound as if I am bragging, I’m not. I do not believe in false modesty, nor any other falsehoods. I do not know how to lie. You will see in my eyes the kind of honesty that men can only hope to find.

Through my bloodlines God blessed me with a body that contains power that other breeds envy. Of the northern breeds, I have no peer. My fur is such that the most frigid winter blast is to me but a refreshing breeze. While my size and appearance can intimidate some people, most are drawn to my looks.

If you help me understand what you want (by working with me a lot), and you treat me with love and respect, I will usually do as you ask of me. I have courage that any Marine would be proud to claim. If forced into a fight, I am ferocious; in competition I do not like to lose. If a human chooses to become my companion, and treats me with love and kindness I will sacrifice my very life to keep that human from harm.

When you fully comprehend the Aurora Borealis; then will you understand me………..

I am an Alaskan Malamute

What Our Puppy Families Have to Say

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I have had such a positive experience with legends! They were so kind & so on time with posting puppy pictures and updates I felt as if I was with my Luna girl watching her grow b4 I actually met her. Luna is a huge healthy sass Apple & fits the Alaskan Malamute personality to a T! I can't thank legends enough for giving me the best dog in the world. If ur looking for a great reliable breeder legends is ur go to! Ur malamute will be healthy & even more then u dreamed of. cant wait to add to our pack someday.


Puppy Family

We bought our Malamute pup from Legends 6 months ago now and couldn't be happier with her. She's bright, energetic and has become a part of our family pack. Legends care a lot about where their pups go, making sure a home is suitable for a Mal before sale. They also do follow up checks months afterwards, and we've been sending them pics just so they can see how their pup is doing (she's also gorgeous). We'd buy another pup from them again in a heartbeat. UPDATE: Rowan & family added pup #2.


Puppy Family

We researched many Malamute breeders and chose Legends because they care so much about their dogs and the puppies. Our puppy Kai has such an amazing personality. He's very laid back and so smart. He loves meeting people and other dogs. He is gentle with children and loves hanging out with our cats. He has such a great temperament. If you are looking for an amazing Malamute, Legends is the one to go to. They are top notch!



Dean & Jennifer
Puppy Family
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